2. offthebackistan:

    Crit Life.

    I’ve seen a many Cat 5s attempt this maneuver. 

    None survived.

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  4. japanlove:

    千鳥居 (by sflower~小花)


  5. If there is anything that can bring me wanderlust, it’s this. 

    Just sit back, and watch.


  6. just-wanna-travel:

    Tokyo, Japan



  8. clintonmckay:

    Processing textures

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  9. OWW

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  10. Why even use words?


  11. So good.

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  12. heathwest:

    Sigmar Polke
    Untitled (Lens Painting), 2008
    Mixed media on fabric
    100 x 70 cm

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  15. The reprise of an ethereal waterfall of electricity paints over sharp screams, leaving you confused to where you are. A droning melody slinks in to reveal itself from behind the waterfall. Entranced, you lose yourself in the sound. You sink below the waterfall, falling below with another faint droning following. The droning fades into a light smoothness, the skyline on fire. Anxiety builds. Everything washed in grey haze. You look up to a vast darkness, and you fall into it. Finally, closure.

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